On March 25, 2012, Yves Moreau was a special guest on John Uhlemann's weekly folk and traditional radio show «Music from the Hills» on KDHX Radio in St. Louis Mo.

Yves talked about his various recording projects throughout his 45-year career starting with the famous Balkanton «Red Album» in 1970, his village recording series («Beyond the Mystery»), The Boris Karlov Collection, «Ajde na Horo» and he also played excerpts from his forthcoming CD «Georgi Koev - Legend of the Bulgarian Clarinet».

Click on the player icon below to hear the entire program. Please allow about 2 minutes for the file to load. Also, please note that the program has been edited to exclude service announcements, and a few unplanned long «silences» caused by some unforeseen technical glitches which occured during the program.

KDHX Playlist Info:

Music from the Hills 

With John Uhlemann

Sun Mar 25th 2012 4.00pm–6.00pm


Kosta Kolev and orch. “Pandalaš” from Bulgarian Folk Dances Volume 1 ( FB-003) CD re-release of most of the tracks from the original vinyl red Album on Balkanton BHA 734 (1970)  —This serves as the introduction to an interview during this show with the French/Canadian folklorist Yves Moreau. All the music played on this show is from recordings he has produced.


Orch dir. by Anastas Naumov. “Dospatsko Horo” from Bulgarian Folk Dances Volume 1 (FB-003) (1997)


Valja Balkanska “Pospusni sa, Šar planino” from Beyond the Mystery volume 1 / Rhodopes.Thrace - BMA-1001 (1999) —this now famous singer was relatively unknown when this was recorded at a festival in the Rodope mountains in August, 1969


Dimitâr Angelov and his band “Bavna & svadbarska râčenica” from Beyond the mystery vol. 1 - Rhodopes-Thrace  BHA-1001 (1999) —recorded at a wedding in Asenovgrad, October, 1969


Nikola Vajtišev “Maria” from Beyond the Mystery vol. 2-Severnjaško-Dobrudža  BMA-1002  (2000) —sung in Vlach dialect, Vidin region


Angel Šopov Accordion ; “Čerkezko Horo” from Beyond the Mystery, Vol. 2 / Severnjaško-Dobrudža BMA-1002 (2000) —1966, Pleven


Boris Karlov “Sitno Horo” from Boris Karlov: Legend Of The Bulgarian Accordion BMA 1005-6 (2003) —this is really a Serbian Kolo - in the early days there was a lot of cultural exchange between former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria


Boris Karlov “Gankino (4)” from Boris Karlov: Legend Of The Bulgarian Accordion BMA-1005-6 (2003)


Boris Karlov “Elenino Horo (A)” from Boris Karlov: Legend Of The Bulgarian Accordion BMA-1005-6 (2003)


Theodosii Spassov Quartet “Trite Pâti” from Ajde Na Horo--20 Bulgarian Folk Dance Favorites (Gega 1992)


Kostadin Gugov “Cveta Moma” from Ajde Na Horo--20 Bulgarian Folk Dance Favorites (Gega 1992) —this singer is now deceased


Nadežda Hvojneva “Mari Marijko” from Ajde Na Horo--20 Bulgarian Folk Dance Favorites (Gega 1992) —this singer is also now deceased


Georgi Koev “Na trapeza” from (unpublished) ((pre-release)) —The remainder of this show is devoted to hitherto unpublished recordings by the Bulgarian clarinet player Georgi Koev. these were all obtained by Yves Moreau from the archives of Radio Plovdiv and Balkanton


Georgi Koev “Krivo Horo” from (pre-release) ((unpublished))


Goergi Koev “Gajda” from (pre-release) ((unpublished))


Georgi Koev “Goljamo Konarska Râčenica” from (pre-release) ((unpublished))


Georgi Koev “Krivo Horo” from (pre-release) ((unpublished)) —(all rights to the Georgi Koev tracks have been purchased by Mr. Moreau from their respective Bulgarian sources)

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