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«Wonderful selection. Not a single track here fails to hit the spot. A revelation.» - 
Kim Burton, Songlines Magazine, U.K.  April 2016 issue.

«Heart stirring from the very first note. Soaring, keening, rippling Bulgarian clarinet.
Glorious music from the past for now.» -  Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots Magazine,
U.K. March 2016 issue.

«…fantastic new addition to the Balkan Folk Archives collection…the sound quality is excellent…an excellent piece of history, and inspirational playing from a lesser-known clarinettist who certainly deserves «legend» status». -
Susi Evans, Musical Traditions, UK, February 2016


GEORGI KOEV (1910-1983)
Legend of the Bulgarian Clarinet
BMA Productions BMA-1009 - Bulgarian Folk Archives collection

This unique collection features 25 melodies played by the legendary Bulgarian clarinetist and compiled by Yves Moreau from the archives of the Bulgarian National Radio and the former state-owned Balkanton record company. 

Clarinet players in the Thracian region of Bulgaria are legion, but Georgi Koev’s style was unique. Recognized as a very astute and self-assured performer, Koev was famous for his improvisation. His repertoire consisted of traditional dances from the Pazardzhik region and slow expressive melodies which always moved his audiences. 

«Georgi Koev produced a sound so close to the human voice. When he played, it was as if he was telling a story. His slow melodies sounded much like weeping and were very touching» - Prof. Petko Radev (Renowned Bulgarian clarinetist)

Here’s what Balkan music fans have recently said about this CD:

«..I give the CD a hearty endorsement. Magnificient playing from old recordings and radio archives.» - Joe Graziosi, Centerville, MA

«…a really excellent CD.» - Larry Weiner, Silver Spring MD

«…the sound quality is excellent as are the notes. Clearly a labor of love - Steve Finney, Sunnyvale, CA

«…wonderful CD. I’m impressed with the quality of the recordings. The CD is a jewel. - Jaap Leegwater, Veenendal, Netherlands

«…a gem and a great gift to us all. - John Uhlemann, St. Louis, MO

«…it was very moving to hear the CD and read the fine booklet. Thank you for the treasures you have collected!» - Peter Bastian, Fredensborg, Denmark

«Been really enjoying the Georgi Koev CD. I appreciate the huge effort you put in this production, both the recording and interesting and extensive liner notes! - Barbara Deutsch, El Sobrante, CA

«Thank you again for all your efforts in making excellent historical recordings available to all of us !» - Mark Levy, Eugene, OR

«Wonderful CD. You have done a wonderful service for all of us who love Bulgarian music! Thanks for taking such care with this production» - Timothy Rice, Dept.of Ethnomusicology, UCLA

«Excellent album with a very informative booklet. Yet another favorite album of all time». - Tom Deering, Seattle, WA

«This CD has become the track of my life!» - Susan Darkosh, Lambertville, NJ


* Click on title for short sampler clip

1. Konarska Trapeza
2. Krivo Horo
3. Rachenitsa
4. Na Trapeza i Horo
5. Krivo Horo
6. Rachenitsa
7. Gayda
8. Pravo Pazardzhishko Horo
9. Krivo Pazardzhishko Horo
10. Zhetvarska Pesen i Rachenitsa
11. Na Trapeza i Rachenitsa
12. Malokonarsko Horo
13. Golyamokonarska Rachenitsa
14. Krivo Horo
15. Na Trapeza i Rachenitsa
16. Stroevsko Horo
17. Pazardzhishka Rachenitsa
18. Krivo Chernogorovsko Horo
19. Malokonarsko Horo
20. Krivo Malokonarsko Horo
21. Mircho le, Mlada Voyvodo
22. Malokonarska Trapeza
23. Chernogorovski Sedenki
24. Chernogorovska Trapeza i Horo
25. Pasal Stanju Shileta

CD includes 24-page booklet with photos and texts in Bulgarian, English and French with translations by Nikolay Chapanski (Radio Plovdiv), Yves Moreau and Martha Forsyth.

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